Customize Tricks


Follow few steps and just make your Windows XP look like Windows 8. Here you have to download several things… May be about 80-90 MBs!!!!


First go to .

Download Custopack Tools from the home page…….

Here is the Direct Link to Download it: – CLICK HERE (CUSTOPACK TOOLS)

It allows to install a Custopack themes.

Custopack Home Page

Install Custopack Tools. It may take a few minutes.


Now Download “Seven Inspirat” from


Install Seven Inspirat. You need CustoPack Tools get installed before installing this.

Now you might be satisfied by a new look to your desktop pc.

Your Computer is now has almost have a look of Windows 7……….

Now its time to upgrade to Windows 8.


Download SevenVG theme created by Mr. Vishal Gupta ( – CLICK HERE

Extract the Downloaded Archive and Follow the steps given below:

Or just FOLLOW the “Why Don’t you read me first.txt” inside the archive.

  • Go to ‘Fonts’ folder inside the Archive and install the file. It installs the theme fonts.
  • Go to ‘Themes’ folder and install Themes.exe inside the folder. Now you got another Windows 7 theme but having some nice effects.
  • Now go to ‘Extra Common Tasks/Bottom Common Tasks.
  • Copy the Shellstyle.dll file which is inside the folder ‘Bottom Common Tasks’ and paste it into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\SevenVG RTM\Shell\Basic48 and replace the file.
  • Now In the desktop: Right Click\Properties\Appearance. Select Basic48 in the list and Click OK.
  • Install STYLER TOOLBAR. Note there are two Files.
  • Then install the ‘ICONIZED TOOLBAR HACK.
  • Now you’re finished with this archive.


Download Windows 8 M3 starter kit by PeterRollar.


It contains Windows 8 Border Skin, Styler Skin, ViStart, TClock Common Task etc.

  • Run “BorderSkin.exe“. It gives you a glass effect to the Theme.
  • Run “ViStart.exe” It makes your start menu as in Vista and Seven.
  • Download “STYLER” software from HERE.
  • There is a Readme File inside the Styler software when you extract it. Read it and you can install the Styler Toolbar provided in the Windows 8 M3 starter Kit. So you can get a toolbar in Windows Explorer.
  • There is a file called ‘shellstyle.dll‘ inside the kit. Copy it to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\SevenVG RTM\Basic48 and replace the existing file as done previously.
  • Now install ‘TClock‘.


Download the Logon Screen of Windows 8: DOWNLOAD LINK.

Copy the logonui.exe file to C:\Windows\system32 and replace the Original one. (Note that you have to take the backup of the original.

Visit here for more information on Replacing : LINK.


Now you are 60% done……. It is time to change icons, appearance and so on……

PLEASE HAVE A LOOK ON THE LINK. : – LINK. It is a very big guide.

If you follow it perfectly…… you will sure get the look of Windows 8.

And you’re done. Best of Luck!!!

Slightly adapted from


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